Edularp Conference Tampere April 1st 2020

Edularp Conference Tampere 2020 is part of the Nordic Larp conference Solmukohta. It brings together edularp professionals, larpers, teachers and other people interested in the form from all over the world.

The program consists of workshops, discussions  and lectures. If you are interested in edularps and applications of larps in education, welcome!

The conference takes place at Tampere University, on Wednesday the 1st of April. The event is held right before the Solmukohta 2020 conference and it’s organized together with the Growing Mind research hub.

Program will be published by the end of January and the sign-up opens during the first week of February 2020.

More information:

Call for Program

Call for program closed the 5th of January 2020.

Do you have research to present or do you want to host a discussion about a certain topic? Or maybe you want to tell others about an interesting edularp or demonstrate a new working method? We are looking for presentations, light workshops and discussions, but feel free to approach us with something else as well.

Please include in your pitch the following details: 

  • The topic and content of your program item
  • The format of the program item (presentation / discussion / workshop / something else, what?)
  • The preferred length of the program item
  • Requirements for the program item in terms of space, equipment etc.
  • Your personal experience with edularps