All ticket sales, including day tickets, are now closed.

Solmukohta 2024 full time ticket sales are now closed. The available ticket types were:

The availability of day tickets (attending for one day without staying at the hotel) will be determined later, and depends entirely on standard ticket sales.

What you get for your ticket

Refunds and cancellations

We will not be able to offer refunds in the event that you cannot attend Solmukohta 2024 after you have purchased your ticket.

However, you can sell your ticket forward, but you need to inform us at to confirm the transfer and sign-up the new ticket holder. More information about the procedure and the timelines will follow.

Deadline for reselling your ticket is 28th of February.

Signup process

Sign up to Solmukohta 2024 happens by purchasing a ticket to the event through the Kompassi web store and filling out the sign up form.

Payment methods: Kompassi accepts bank transfers from Finnish banks, MobilePay, and major credit cards (Visa Electron, Visa, MasterCard and American Express).

After you purchase your ticket in the Kompassi web store, you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to the Solmukohta 2024 sign up form, which should be filled in within two weeks of purchase. For the suite and business tickets, you will need to enter the name and email address of the second attendee as well, as these ticket types include two spots in the event. The second attendee will also need to fill in the sign up form, so be sure to forward the confirmation email with the sign up form link to them. Any tickets without a corresponding sign up form will be cancelled. If you purchase a ticket for someone else, make sure to forward the ticket to the ticket holder as they will need the order number to fill in the sign up form.

The questions asked in the sign up form can be found on a separate page.

For faster check in at the Solmukohta 2024 event, we ask all participants to have their identification ready at check in.

You will be able to edit your signup form data until the end of January.

The list of ticket holders will be shared with all ticket holders for flagging purposes.

If you have questions about anything on this page, do not hesitate to email us at

Room types and sharing a room

Most of the rooms on offer are two-person rooms with two single beds, but some rooms have a double bed. Three-person rooms have either two single beds and a sofa-bed or a double bed and a sofa-bed.

Whether you get a two-person room or a three-person room with your ticket is mostly assigned with a lottery and there is no guarantee that we have enough of the preferred room type for all. The default is a three-person room.

A business ticket to Solmukohta 2024 ensures a spot in a two person room, and the ticket includes two spots in the event. The same goes for the suite.

In the signup we will ask your preferences for who you want to share a room with and if you are comfortable in sharing a double bed. If upon signup you do not yet know who you want to share a room with, never worry, it is possible to update your preferences until the end of January 2024.

After January our safety team and one of our main organizers will go through all roommate preferences and the results of the lottery, and assign the rooms.

Each room has its own bathroom with a shower and comes with linen, bedding, pillows, and towels for each person staying in the room.

The hotel has a number of allergy-friendly rooms and two fully accessible rooms. All hotel rooms are accessible with an elevator. If you need a fully wheelchair accessible room, please inform us via the sign up form.

Special provisions

Before the event starts, the organisers reserve the right to, at their discretion, refuse anyone’s participation in the event. In such cases, the full fee will be returned to the person refused participation.

During the event, the organisers also reserve the right to remove a participant if said participant violates the code of conduct or in other ways makes the conference an unsafe place. In these cases there will be no refund.