Solmukohta 2024 will be arranged in Tampere, Finland
Dates: 11th to 14th of April, 2024
A Week in Tampere: 8-10 April 2024

The theme for the event is Kitsch

Thank you everyone!

Solmukohta is a Nordic role-playing game conference and community event. Held annually in the Nordic countries since 1997,the name of the event is  Solmukohta, Knutepunkt, Knutpunkt, or Knudepunkt depending on the country where it’s held. It has been a vital institution in fostering a Nordic role-playing identity, and in establishing the concept of “Nordic larp” as a unique approach. Originating as a purely larp event, the conference has since embraced role-playing games more generally. While today the emphasis is still on larp, Solmukohta is also an event for workshops, progressive new ideas, community building and academic research around larp.