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or for more specific contacts, see the team list below

The Solmukohta 2024 organising team

Solmukohta will not happen without all the participants. There are no programme items (aside from the opening and closing ceremonies and parts of the Saturday night party) that are made by the organising team.

However, the before, during, and after requires some volunteer people to make sure all the practical aspects are taken care of and coordinated. The volunteers of the organising team are:

Main Organisers

Kaisa Vitikainen
Heidi Säynevirta
Jukka Särkijärvi
Main organisers can be reached at main@solmukohta.eu

Programme Team

Hannu Sinervä
Jamie MacDonald
Laura Sirola
Suvi Korhonen
Programme team can be reached at programme@solmukohta.eu

A Week In Finland Team

Asla Heikkari
Taro Friman
Marjaana Karttunen
AWIF team can be reached at week@solmukohta.eu

Volunteer Team

Ira Nykänen
Linn Meander
Volunteer team can be reached at volunteers@solmukohta.eu

Community Team

Hissu Hyvärinen
Tonja Goldblatt
Community team can be reached at community@solmukohta.eu


Eleanor Saitta
Anni Tolvanen

IT solutions

Santtu Pajukanta


Mikko Ryytty

Solmukohta Book

Kaisa Kangas
The book team can be reached at book@solmukohta.eu

Team support team

Niina Niskanen
Pauliina Männistö
Sergio Losilla

Communications team

Emma Voutilainen
Irrette Melakoski
Communications team can be reached at info@solmukohta.eu