Call for Volunteers and Community Hosts

The sign ups for volunteers and community hosts are now closed. We thank everyone who volunteered.
Everyone who signed up will be informed whether or not they got a volunteer spot before the regular ticket and discount ticket sign-up opens. All who got a volunteer spot get a private link for purchasing the Solmukohta ticket. You’ll need to purchase the ticket to secure your volunteer spot. You will also need to complete the regular attendee sign up form, where we ask about e.g. room and dietary preferences.
All participant’s (volunteers included) names will be shared to everyone who signed up to the event for flagging purposes. Volunteers’ names won’t be listed on Solmukohta 2024 website or other public forums.

If you have any questions, you can email to


Solmukohta 2024 needs volunteers to help out during the conference. We are looking for people to help out with sound and light tech, info desk, and running programme. The volunteers can purchase tickets at the price of 350 €, which is 50 € off the price for a standard ticket.
In case there are more volunteers than we need, we will choose volunteers partly based on who can fill the tasks requiring special knowledge (mainly sound and light tech), and partly by lottery. If you apply for and receive a volunteer ticket, you agree to help out at the event by working at the information desk and/or in the programme runner team during the conference.

Information desk work means sitting at the information desk with another volunteer, being up to date with practical information, helping participants who have questions about where to find information, doing generic problem solving and sometimes also doing small errands inside the hotel for the organizers. No heavy lifting or running around will be required unless you’re ok with it.
Programme runner work means helping programme hosts when they start their programme items, including helping them get their computer working with the projector, taking care of video adapters, helping us document their presentation, and reminding the hosts about things like talking into the microphone and not going over time. You don’t need to stay and follow the programme items you are assigned to, but you are very welcome to do so. You do need to be present for the start and the end of each programme item.

Community Hosts

Solmukohta also aims to have community hosts. Unlike for the other volunteers, community hosts will not get a discount for the ticket, because we don’t want to use money to motivate people to take responsibility over other people’s wellbeing and safety. All the other volunteer perks apply! If we should receive more signups for community hosting than we have spots, we will contact the people who expressed interest to ask for a bit of information on their background so that we can form a community host team with as much diversity representation as possible.
Community hosts are there to support and help SK participants when they feel overwhelmed or alone or are having trouble enjoying the event, help them find things to do, be supportive if they’ve experienced something upsetting, help people resolve minor conflicts if requested. You can participate in programme items during your shift, but you have to be able to leave quickly if need be. We do not expect community hosts to have previous experience as a support person, be on duty outside the shifts, provide therapeutic support or professional counseling or physical first aid, go into or remain in situations that feel uncomfortable or threatening, or decide on anyone’s removal from the event. The community team will support the community hosts whenever needed, so you will not be alone.

Requirements and Perks

You will be asked to arrive at the hotel 1-2 hours before the event starts for briefing and walk-throughs. You will also be asked to do 8-10 hours of work during the conference. We ask that you stay sober during your shifts. We will do our best to make sure your work shifts suit your own schedule. We will also check if there are any co-volunteers you prefer to/not to work closely together with. You will receive a briefing and a backchannel to ask questions. The other volunteers/hosts and the programme organizer on duty will be available to help you.
Being chosen as a volunteer or a community host guarantees you a spot at Solmukohta before the main signup starts. You will also get access to our backstage area and snacks, and of course, your work will make sure our event is even better for everyone. Participating as a volunteer offers a good opportunity to get to know new people, and observe how things are done behind the curtains. We’re also planning on arranging a free online support person training for community hosts.