The solmubook 2024 Liminal Encounters is now available online.
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The theme

The theme for Solmukohta 2024 book is At the Limits. We are looking for pieces that point out and challenge the current limits of larp and/or find ways to push them further.

Types of articles

We are looking for several different article types.

1. Limit pushing trends and phenomena

Is there currently something happening that pushes the limits of larp? A new genre, a new design style? Do you have a theoretical idea that pushes the boundaries of the way we think about larp?

2. Debate pieces

Is there an opinion about a larp related issue that you want heard? Does larp or the larp community have some limitations that you would like to point out? Do you have an opinion on how we should break these boundaries? Write a debate piece about it. Do you know someone who disagrees with you? Recruit them to write an opposing debate piece. Please note that we are looking for well-argued opinion pieces, not rants.

3. Larp critique

Write about a larp that you played. The text should be analytical, and you should try to see the larger picture, not just your personal experience. How good was the larp? What worked, what didn’t? What did you get out of the larp? What was its message? What kind of thoughts did it provoke? Where would you place it in the continuum of larps? What was the genre and the style, what were its predecessors and influences in larps and other media?

4. Player self-analysis

Role-playing is a skill. Just like larp organizers sometimes fail and make mistakes, so do players. What kind of learning experiences have you had on your journey as a player? Do you recall a situation when you played badly? In what ways? What mistakes have you made? What have you learned from these situations, and what could others learn from them?

Process and practicalities

You can write either a short feature (400-1000 words) or a longer article (3000-6000 words). Please specify in your proposal which one you wish to write. As a rule, mistakes and debate pieces should fit the short article form but if you have good reasons to expand them to a longer essay, that is also possible.

You should submit your proposal by May 31st via email to the address solmubook2024 at

We will let you know whether it is accepted or not during the first week of June. If your proposal is accepted, we will agree on a first deadline with you. Most likely it will be around the end of July or August.

After the deadline, we will give your suggestions on how to improve your article and give you a second deadline which will probably be around the end of September or October. After this, we will make some final edits.

Kaisa Kangas will edit the book and Tonja Goldblatt will work as a language editor.

What if I have an idea but can’t write?

Do you have a friend who would like to write about it? Maybe they can interview you and write based on it. Or if you don’t, you can pitch the idea to us, and we can try to find someone to write about it.

What if I want to write but don’t have an idea?

Drop us an email and let us know that you would be willing to e.g. interview somebody and write a piece about it. We might assign you something.

Can I write anonymously?

Yes, you can write anonymously or use a pen name.