When you purchase your ticket, you will be prompted to fill in a sign up form. For the suite and business tickets, you will need to enter the information for both attendees, as these ticket types include two spots in the event. Any placeholder tickets with incomplete information will be cancelled.

You will be able to edit your signup form data until the end of January.

The list of ticket holders will be shared with all ticket holders for flagging purposes. If you have questions about anything on this page, do not hesitate to email us at info@solmukohta.eu

Questions asked in the sign-up form

Contact & purchase information to make sure you have a ticket. Email address is also used to send you information about the event

Names for player communication. These will be seen by other participants.

Information required by the hotel registration. This is shared only with the hotel and the people in charge of room assignments

Additional information your accommodation preferences. This information is seen only by the people in charge of room assignments.

Optional information (shared only to people in charge of participant safety, dietary information is forwarded to hotel without names or other personal information)

Other questions