The address of the Solmukohta hotel is:
Scandic Rosendahl, Pyynikintie 13, 33230 Tampere, Finland
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The public spaces are located on three floors: ground floor 0 and basement floors -1 and -2.

The main event space is on the ground floor and will remain accessible. The ground floor houses the hotel reception, restaurant, bar and all large programme spaces.

First basement floor -1 features a night club, spa & wellness center as well as one programme space while remaining wheelchair accessible. The lift reaches to the first basement floor, but only parts of the bar are wheelchair accessible.

The second basement floor -2 has a few tiny programme spaces that are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. The accessibility will be taken into account when planning the programme locations.

Public toilets can be found on all three floors. Most of the toilets will be unisex throughout the event. There are a few accessible toilets on the venue as well.

Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms are located on four floors, all accessible with the lift. The hotel has 213 rooms, two of which are fully accessible. The regular ticket secures you a spot in a two or three-person room. Your roommates are assigned based on the wishes expressed in the sign-up form.

For more information, check the hotel page.


The main venue is wheelchair accessible with the exception of the small rooms on the basement floor -2 and some parts of the bar on floor -1. If you have concerns about access, please send us an email at and we will do our best to ensure you can enjoy the event.