The larp prorgram of TLF will happen from Monday to Wednesday, from 30th of March to 1st of April. The larp program for the festival is curated by Simon James Pettitt.

There will be three game slots during a day, beginning at 9 am. The festival offers short 2-5-hour scenarios to both the international audiences of Solmukohta and related events, as well as to anyone wishing to participate even without attending Solmukohta. The scenarios are easy to approach and do not require any pre-preparation. We are offering everything from free form scenarios, to black box larps with sound and light effects, as well as simple chamber larps with a minimalistic feel.

  • The larp program for the festival will be published at the beginning of January 2020. Sign up for participants will open shortly thereafter. (note: updated timing)
  • The larps will be played in central Tampere locations.
  • Venue expenses will be covered by a small fee from participants. Exact prices will be published before signup.

Become a facilitator / game master

Tampere Larp Festival is looking for larp facilitators/game masters for its program! Help us create a unique experience for fellow larpers and larpers-to-be.

Simply send us an email titled “TLF facilitator” with your name. When we have received your email we will send you the larp program for the festival, and you get to tell which larps and scenarios you are interested in running and your suitable time slots. At the beginning of January 2020 the facilitators will have been allocated to their preferred larps and time slots. Player signups will open shortly thereafter.

Email us at! Looking forward to larping with you!