“I can’t participate in a larp I have bought a ticket to!” Refunds and reselling your ticket.

If you for some reason cannot take part in a larp you have bought a ticket to it is really important for the other players and the larp facilitator that we can get a new player in your place. We are only able to refund your ticket if the larp is cancelled. If you need to cancel we strongly suggest you help us out by selling your ticket to someone else who would like to take part in it and then send us an email with their contact information (name and email at least) so we have the correct information on who is taking part in which run and can communicate with them.

“I need more info on something!”

Send us an email at tamperelarpfestival@solmukohta.eu

“Where do the tours start from?”

They all start from Telakka but you can also join a tour in the middle of it, you just need to be in the right place at the right time.

“Can I still sign up as a GM/larp facilitator?”

We have a good selection of larps already but if you are interested in being a backup facilitator/GM in case someone falls ill or something, let us know! You might save the day!

“I haven’t really taken part in a blackbox or chamber larp before. Everyone else probably is really experienced. I’m feeling too inexperienced.”

It’s ok. The larps are built with a lot of workshopping beforehand and the facilitator or game master(GM) is there to take good care that everyone feels supported and is able to participate. And the other players are there for you as well.