Solmukohta might be cancelled physically, but that doesn’t stop us! We are preparing with the programme hosts to present online as much as we can of the original SK2020 programme. This will happen during the original weekend, with scheduled viewings of a shiny row of video lectures and streams, which you can part take by watching them with us and commenting online.

WHEN? During Solmukohta weekend 3rd-5th of April, schedule will happen EEST, Eastern European summer time.
WHERE? On a Facebook group:
WHAT? The programme is public here:
WHO? Everyone who wants, can join the group for participating online. You don’t have to have a ticket to Solmukohta to join.
AFTERWARDS? Videos, which programme hosts agree can be published, will be transferred to and its YouTube channel. Text based Q&A will be anonymised and posted there as well.

About the Facebook group: Please do not watch or comment the videos before their presented time in the schedule. All comments made to the videos before their presenting times will be deleted.

Facebook watch parties for the pre-recorded videos will be started by a designated SK moderator, who will start the watch party at the right time for each programme item. Join the watch party to experience the program together. Live streams will be started by the programme host.

The Solmukohta 2020 online programme is organised in collaboration with the Attic and Studiefrämjandet.

Code of Conduct

Solmukohta is a place where people of many cultures, ages, interests, traditions and backgrounds assemble to play, explore and discuss. This code of conduct exists to ensure that play happens as safely as possible.

We expect all participants to follow the code of conduct to make the online event a safe environment for their fellow attendants.

Take care of and respect each other

  • Please speak English in the comments, videos and live chats.
  • Please wear clothes on a video or video chat.
  • Please actively include people in the situation by filling them in on the topic of the conversation and introducing people to each other.
  • Understand that there might be no time to go through all the questions during a live stream. You can ask your question again in later point of time.
  • Don’t share video, screenshots or comments without explicit agreement with the presenter of the video or comments.
  • Harassment, bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated. This means e.g., sexual harassment, violence, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism. If someone asks you to stop whatever you are doing, stop.
  • Please use the pronouns people use to refer to themselves.
  • Please do not assume a person’s gender, sexual orientation, health status etc. by looking at them. 
  • Please respect the experiences of people who are part of marginalised groups, and allow them to decide whether and how they want to be part of the conversation when discussing e.g. minority experiences, body shape, gender, or sexual preferences.
  • Please be aware of and respect each other’s limits.
  • Please always ensure consent when e.g. escalating intensity of play or physical contact with other participants, especially if you don’t know each other well yet. Please always accept that a “no” means no, and that “maybe some other time” also means no.
  • Please support each other, check in on people who look like they’re not well, and ask for help when needed. The support person team is there for you.

Resolve conflicts constructively

  • Please assume the best of others if communication mistakes and misunderstandings happen. We are a diverse group, and miscommunication happens even when no transgression was intended. This does not apply to harassment and discrimination, which we expect no one to tolerate.
  • Please try to communicate clearly when asking someone to change their behaviour.
  • Please listen to the other party, and ask questions rather than assuming.
  • Please accept and respect it when someone asks you to change your behaviour or to back off, even if you don’t understand why.

We expect all participants to honor this code of conduct as well as the Finnish law during the event and online.

Guide and aid to program hosts

Here will be soon listed guides for programme hosts about how to stream on facebook, how to add your slides to your video and how to upload your video to the Facebook group when the time is right.

  • If you have help when streaming: Have someone you share living accommodations with sit on a device (Laptop, phone) with the comments open, and as the questions come in they verbally relay them to you so you can answer them live. Repeat the question out loud before answering it.
  • If you are alone when live streaming: Do the presentation first. Then approach the camera and sit down, and go through the questions watchers have posted during the presentation, go through them, and answer them verbally to the camera. Read the question out loud before answering it.
  • Answering questions, pre-recorded videos: participants are instructed to ask questions at the watch party comments. You are welcome to answer questions there. You can either answer questions collectively as bigger lumps (always copy the questions before your answers), or individually to each comment. Later, if your video is uploaded to the public, SK 2020 team will anonymise comments and questions, and publish them and your answers with the video.
  • Presentations recorded in previous events: One can use a presentation recorded in an other convention (if it is the same that was already taken into SK 2020 program)
  • How to add slides to your presentation with Powerpoint:
  • How to live stream to a Facebook group:
  • How to upload a video to a Facebook group: coming soon
  • Please wear clothes on your video and make sure everyone living with you is wearing clothes in the background (really, it’s good to mention to others in the same living space that you are doing a live video, trust us).

Call for online programme

Hello, Solmukohta 2020 Programme hosts!

Solmukohta 2020 may be cancelled, but Programme is not! We will be hosting some of the submitted programme online, and we hope that many of you will participate!

The online programme will be carried out in a closed Facebook group, as “Facebook Watch Parties” and “Facebook live” videos, according to a schedule made by the programme team based on submissions. There will be a single track of programming.

We are mostly looking for video presentations, but if you have an idea for how to host different kinds of programme, you are welcome to pitch it. In either case we are only accepting programme items (or versions of programme items) that were already on SK2020 programme.

For the online format, presentations should be shorter than they would have been at SK, between 10 and 45 minutes. Please put some thought into how to shorten your presentation, and what would be a good length for it, within these parameters.

How will it work in practice?

  • Fill in the form (you have received in the email) to sign up!
  • The programme team will create a schedule based on sign-ups and share it with programme hosts
  • If you chose pre-recorded video, record your presentation (we will provide some guides for how to do this, if you have not done it before)
  • You will be invited to the group a few days before the event starts, so you can upload your video there ahead of time (we will provide instructions for this)
  • Participants will be invited to the group shortly before the online programme starts; we welcome participants from the entire scene, not just those who had tickets to Solmukohta
  • If you chose live streaming, be ready to start your stream at the given time
  • If you chose pre-recorded video, the programme team will start a watch party at the given time

As programme hosts you will be able to see all the uploaded videos in the group, but we ask you not to watch any of them before their scheduled time. Any comments on videos that are still waiting for their watch party will be removed.

There will be more specific instructions for those signing up for online programme.

The deadline for filling out the form is Friday March 27. Thank you!

Hannu, Jaana, Jamie, Kaisa & Laura
Solmukohta Programme Team