We are Ira, Pauliina, Hissu & Tonja, your Safety team. Our aim is to make Solmukohta 2020 a safe, inclusive, accessible and encouraging event for both participants and organizers. In order to achieve this all we collaborate with a wide variety of people with various backgrounds.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety and inclusion, please contact us using the following email: safety@solmukohta.eu

Only safety team members can read this email. We respect everyone’s anonymity. If the topic concerns other Solmukohta organizers, we may discuss it with them only with the sender’s permission.

We expect all participants to follow the Code of Conduct to make the event a safe environment for their fellow attendants.

General safety


General emergency number in Finland is 112. You can ask hotel reception or Solmukohta info desk to call for help if needed. The hotel has fire alarm and emergency evacuation instructions in every room.

Medicine and hygiene

There will be a simple first aid kit at the Solmukohta info desk.  The Solmukohta info desk will also provide ear plugs, band aids, common painkillers, sanitary towels, safe sex products, flu masks etc. for participants to use if needed. Just ask for the “the Box”.

We encourage our participants to wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizers. When people all over the world gather in the same space, there’s always a risk of spreading infections, which can be more serious for some participants with e.g. weakened immune system. We kindly ask you to reconsider attending Solmukohta 2020 when sick or carrying diseases with a high risk of contagion for people in the same spaces.

Travel insurance

When travelling abroad, remember to get travel insurance.

If you have health insurance in another Nordic country, you are entitled to essential health care in Finland. You are entitled to essential healthcare also with the European Health Insurance Card if you have health insurance in another EU country, EEA country or Switzerland.

Drinking water

Finnish tap water is drinkable, clear and tasty. You may bring your own bottle to refill. There will be water spots all around the venue.

Take care of yourself

We do our best to provide you with nutritious food, accessible water spots and time to get enough rest. We encourage our participants to take care of themselves and others, and not to hesitate to ask for help when in distress. Our support person team, see below, is there to help.

Photo Policy

Please be mindful and respectful about when, whom, and what you photograph and publish. It’s probably more ok to take or publish a photo of a person giving a talk than a person completely immersed in an in-game situation. When in doubt, please ask.

Please ask for permission before you tag people on social media.

Support persons

At the location we will have a team of support persons who are there to help if you are e.g. in distress, feel overwhelmed or anxious, have difficulty enjoying the event or need someone to talk to. A support person may assist you in finding suitable program, help you to resolve minor conflicts, help you find the quiet room to rest, or just be there for you.

There will be two visibly marked support persons on duty all the time during the event days and one safety team member will be on call during nights. The support persons will work in few hour shifts and may participate in the program, patrol the venue, or stay in the quiet room. They can be reached via the info desk or by calling the safety phone number. Stay tuned, more information will follow!

Our aim is to gather a volunteer support person team of various gender, nationality and age representations. We hope that our support persons have participated in Solmukohta/Knu[de|t|te]punkt before. We will provide orientation and instructions for all our support persons. All volunteers get access to our Backroom with snacks, coziness and good company. If you are interested in being a support person, that’s awesome! Send us an email to safety@solmukohta.eu and we’ll contact you closer to the event.

Safer Spaces

We expect all participants to follow the code of conduct to make the event a safe environment for their fellow attendants. In addition, we have an easily accessible quiet room for all to use. A quiet room is a place where you can go if you need to e.g. be away from the crowds for a while, reset in a place with minimal noise and lights, or talk to a support person.

We support and encourage organising alcohol-free program and will do our best to provide spaces and possibilities for it.