We have found a way to arrange fifteen discounted activist tickets to Solmukohta 2020.

These tickets will cost 250€, €50 off the standard ticket price. Recipients will be chosen by lottery.

If you apply for and receive an activist ticket, you will be agreeing to help out at the event by working with our information desk and programme runner team during the conference. 

Information desk work means sitting at the information desk for a shift and helping participants who have questions about where to find information, and sometimes also running errands inside the hotel for the organizers. No heavy lifting or running around will be required unless you’re ok with it.

Program runner work means helping out programme hosts when they start their programme items, including helping them get their computer working with the projector, taking care of video adapters, helping us document their presentation, and reminding the hosts about things like talking into the microphone and not going over time. You don’t need to stay and follow the programme items you are assigned to, but you are very welcome to do so. You do need to be present for the start and the end of each programme item.

You will be asked to do at most eight hours of work during the conference. You will receive a briefing, and we will try to make sure your work shifts work with your own schedule as best we can. The other information desk workers and the programme organiser on duty will be available to help you.

As an activist for Solmukohta 2020 you will also get access to our backstage area (for snacks and cake) and of course your work will help make sure our event is even better for everyone.

You can sign up for the lottery by using this form: https://forms.gle/2sHM5P5H4vs3gH1r5

The lottery sign up will end on the 10th of November at midnight EET (Helsinki time).  Everyone who signs up will be informed whether or not they got a ticket on the 11th of November.

The lottery draw will be done by the Solmukohta 2020 main organisers with lottery randomiser application.